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Have you just bought a home in Melbourne and are wanting to improve the security of your property? By choosing to install personalised gates you are helping to prevent accidents and intrusions into your home or office. To deliver a fencing experience unlike any other the team at Melbourne Fencing & Gates offer a wide range of gating solutions including electric gates, automatic electric gates, electric sliding gates, automatic sliding gates for Melbourne domestic and commercial residents to choose from.

If you would like to have a little more insight into the benefits of installing electric automatic sliding gates Melbourne locals throughout the region can speak to the folks at Melbourne Fencing & Gates. Our expertise in gate automation for Melbourne properties means you will receive truly personalised service and practical advice.

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Automatic Sliding Gates Melbourne

Innovative and Modern Sliding Gates

At Melbourne Fencing & Gates we will give you a look into the benefits of going in for complete gate automation and installing electric sliding gates in your Melbourne property. By installing sliding gates, Melbourne locals can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The overall security of your Melbourne house and the surrounding perimeter is completely assured and taken care of when you install security gates or electric gates. It is definitely the first point of security you can have at your place so that you can eliminate the chance of some unwanted people or elements just walking into your place. Not just that, driveway gates that are operated electrically, offer an added advantage, especially if your Melbourne house a little out in the boondocks or in a secluded area.
  • Automatic electric gates coupled with automatic gate opener or regularly designed electric gates offers that added safety net to you and your family members. Your kids or even pets will not stray or run out into the streets unnoticed.
  • With driveway gates and if you have an automatic gate opener installed then, it is very convenient, and more so you are in control of operating it. You don’t have to physically leave your vehicle to open or close it; you can operate it automatically and enter or exit your residence with ease.

If you need auto sliding or sliding doors or electric gates with electric gate opener or any other types of fencing or gates of your choice, you may contact Melbourne Fencing & Gates at 03 8609 9231 or write to us at

Electric Gates Melbourne

Electric Gates are the ultimate convenience for entry and exit into your property. Via remote control, you can enjoy the comfort and security of operating your gate from your car. On cold evenings, you need not brave the chill to gain entry, and on hot days you can remain in the comfort of your vehicle air-conditioned cabin.


Our electrical gates for Melbourne are also a great security feature. They remain firmly locked unless operated by you and other family members. This will make it more difficult for criminals to attempt a break in. Why not call today for convenience and security.

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