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Tubular Steel Pool Fencing

When it comes to backyard pools, there are important safety regulation and features you must follow in Australia. An important safety feature is pool fencing. This ensures that no children can play near or in the pool without adult supervision.

If you’re looking for robust, quality, affordable pool fencing, our tubular steel pool fencing is just what you’re looking for. This galvanised steel is rust resistant, so you know that exposure to water won’t corrode and corrupt the metal, leaving you with an expensive fence replacement in a few years’ time.

This 19mm round tube is made in our workshop so you know too that the quality is assured from fabrication to installation – this is the Melbourne Fencing and Gates quality guarantee! The fence is also Dulux colour coated, in a range of styles to suit your taste and the design of your property. You’ll find the design you like here at Melbourne Fencing and Gates.

Tubular Steel Pool Fencing 2

Versatile Installation

  • We can install your tubular pool fencing in all manner of layouts, suited to the precise design of your pool and outdoor landscaping
  • We can install up and over retaining walls

Robust Multipurpose Fencing

  • Our tubular fencing is also suitable for any-purpose garden fencing
  • Fully compliant with Australia law
Tubular Steel Pool Fencing 3
Tubular Steel Pool Fencing 4

Additional Features

  • We can install your fencing with sliding gates and swing gates, fully motorised
  • We also have an aluminium steel fencing option, for customers living near sea water (this prevents rusting)
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